Goal Patrol’s Goal Setting Bracelets Now Available for the Holiday Season

Miami, FL – October 28, 2009 — (Goal Setting) A startup company called Goal Patrol announced today that new shipments of their breakthrough goal setting product are available just in time for the upcoming holiday season. After undertaking extensive market research, the founder of this company, Melissa Shapiro, has worked vigorously to create a motivational system (patent pending) that can be used for both weight loss and any other goals that a person may have. The company has determined that while most people have goals in mind, they are unable to realize their goals due to the seemingly overwhelming end result. The problem is, according to studies, that most people are unaware of the need to break down a goal into manageable steps.

As with any goal setting plan, the first step in this new system is for the user to define what goal the user wishes to attain. Naturally, in today’s climate of epidemic levels of obesity, one of the most common goals is weight loss. The defined goal is then split into five milestones, corresponding to the five different bracelets provided in the Goal Patrol kit. If a person has a weight loss goal to lose 25 pounds, the person would give a five pound value to each bracelet. The person wears the first bracelet which has the number one highlighted, and as soon as the first milestone is reached (the first five pounds are shed), the person gets to advance to the next level bracelet with the number two highlighted, and so on until the fifth milestone is reached and thus the whole goal is achieved. Getting into that next bracelet is a powerful motivator. And each bracelet replacement is a great reward. This is a new advancement in goal setting and motivation technology that the company is quite excited about.

The timing of this product’s new widespread availability has been consciously arranged to coincide with the upcoming holiday season. “What better gift to give than the motivation to tackle new goals?” responded Shapiro when asked about her reasoning behind purposefully making the kits available in time for the holidays. By making this unique gift idea available for the holiday season, the company is hoping to turn all kinds of New Year’s resolutions into reality this year with affordable and effective goal setting.

Priced at a very affordable $9.99, the Goal Patrol Kit comes with five bracelets, a handy drawstring pouch, and an information booklet. Visit http://www.goalpatrol.com to purchase Goal Patrol and to take advantage of the Website’s helpful goal setting tips, examples, articles and more. If you are interested in the purchase or distribution of this new product in your store, contact customer service at [email protected] or (786) 284-3488.

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Based out of Miami, Florida, Goal Patrol was founded with the strong ideals behind it to motivate others to achieve their goals. The motivational bracelet system has been designed with all types of consumers and goals in mind. Goal Patrol caters to both individual clients and retail clients. To learn more about the company and its founder, please visit http://www.goalpatrol.com.

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