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Several of the recent birth control medications and devices approved by the FDA since the dawn of the new millennium have been criticized for causing harm and even death for some of their consumers. Known as “third generation” birth control drugs, there is now a considerable amount of litigation around the country stemming from such allegations. Yaz and Yasmin are also used by some women for acne control and premenstrual dysphoric disorder treatment.

Perhaps at the current center of attention is Bayer Pharmaceuticals, a German drug and chemical manufacturer. Although the Yasmin/Yaz oral contraceptive was hailed as being one of the more creative and effective means of birth control, reports have emerged claiming that the drug not only presents health risks to its users but also that the drug does not provide adequate warnings to the consumer public.

Yasmin was approved for use by the FDA in 2001. Half a decade later, Yaz was likewise given the thumbs up. Both drugs propose that they are absolutely unique from any other birth control pill or device. Bayer has been warned about its arguably misleading claims seen in its advertising mediums. Consumers have been coming forward with claims of gallbladder damage, kidney stones, deep vein thrombosis, heart attacks and related ailments. It appears that Yaz and Yasmin users experience an increase in potassium because of the diuretic effect of the drospirenone, itself a diuretic. This has allegedly caused hyperkalemia in many users, a condition caused by higher than average levels of potassium in the bloodstream. Extreme cases of hyperkalemia can result in deadly complications, including kidney failure and cardiac arrest.

It is all too unfortunate and commonplace for consumers to suffer injuries due to a company’s failure to design and/or manufacture a product with due care and diligence. As Rue & Ziffra partner attorney Tom Caldwell remarks, “We have found that consumers are often unsure as to what party or parties are legally responsible when they are harmed by a defective product. Fortunately, knowledgeable and informative legal assistance is only a phone call away.” The experienced attorneys and committed staff members at Rue & Ziffra have made it their responsibility and livelihood to fight and protect the rights of Florida’s accident victims for three decades.

Product defects and related injuries are inevitable in today’s age of mass manufacturing and consumption. However, this does not relieve companies of liability when and if a defective product hits the market and causes an individual or group of persons to sustain harm. It is in your best interest to contact the lawyers at Rue & Ziffra when and if you or a loved one is injured by a potentially defective product. As leaders in all areas of personal injury law, Rue & Ziffra is the source for all of your accident related needs. Contact our firm at 1-888-246-8613 or take a closer look at our experience at www.RueZiffra.com.

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