COSJAR Cosmetic Container Designs To Capture Women’s Eyes.

What’s the trend for this season’s cosmetic packaging bottles or cosmetic jars? What are the new cosmetic container inventions for cosmetic companies? How to make plastic cosmetic bottles and jars more environmentally friendly? What kind of new material can replace plastic cosmetic bottles? COSJAR’s design team is always searching and developing new methods or materials to fabricate cosmetic bottles and jars in order to achieve clients’ market needs. One of the resources for keeping their designs up-to-date is by way of attending major cosmetic packaging trade shows every year, including Beauty World in Dubai and Japan, HBA GLOBAL EXPO, COSMOPROF in Hong Kong and Italy and COSMEETING in Paris, etc.

The cosmetic container industry is evolving rapidly as pressures to attract consumer attention at crowded retail outlets have prompted many marketers to request increasingly complex decorations on widely varied bottles. Although sales in the fragrance market remain flat, some growth is reported for other cosmetic products, and all marketers seek unique packaging options and shelf-appeal even when utilizing fairly standard bottle shapes. Besides stylish design, eco-friendly material, UV protection, amount control, and price are all cosmetic container buyers’ main concerns. COSJAR has been working for international cosmetic companies for years and they are able to accomplish their requirements.

Plastic Cosmetic Container Design Trend – Fashionable, Stylish and Easy to Use.

The design of cosmetic containers can directly affect marketing. Main factors are shapes, printings, easiness of opening, the touch of plastic bottles on jars’ surface, and the adhesive test of tags. Knowing the formula of cosmetic cream or lotion and plastic materials, we can avoid some mistakes when we are designing containers. The usability, the protection and appearance of cosmetic containers design will also be improved. A Good sense of fashion is important, media, social, political and cultural influences have a significant effect on how fashion is viewed, and therefore every cosmetic container should be designed to be appealing to locals.

The Marketing Factors and The Appearance of Plastic Cosmetics Container.

Cosmetic container buyers are looking for something that suits market needs for various purposes. “That’s what Sisley’s bottles look like”, says a cosmetic user. Therefore, creating an image for specific age, region, price and uses could be critical. The appearance of cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars may directly influence consumers’ recognition of the brand and its product quality. Usually first class cosmetics have first class containers; every cosmetic brand puts lots of effort into its plastic product containers such as cosmetic jars, bottles and bottle dispensers to ensure the product quality, beauty and convenience as well. From the consumer’s perspective, the printing, easiness of opening, the touch of plastic cosmetic container surface and exterior design are all important factors to be considered when they are choosing a cosmetic product. Except exterior design, all the other factors are closely related with the performance of cosmetic packaging material.

Taiwan COSJAR, one of the subsidiaries of K.K. Group Corp., is dedicated to manufacturing sophisticated cosmetic bottles and jars for cosmetic companies. COSJAR has taken pride in providing their customers with the best quality of plastic cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars. COSJAR produces millions of plastic cosmetic bottles and jars every year, and PP, PV, PETG and MS are the plastic materials they use to manufacture the perfect cosmetic packaging for your product.

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