Legal news for Oregon personal injury attorneys. A balcony collapsed and threw six people into the Columbia River.

Oregon personal injury attorneys alerts- A hotel balcony collapsed at the Red Lion Hotel, which threw six people into the Columbia River.

Astoria, OR—A balcony gave way at the Red Lion Hotel, which sent six people plummeting into the Columbia River. The hotel balcony collapsed around 5:10 p.m., on Thursday evening, November 5, 2009, as reported by KPTV.

Astoria fire officials stated the balcony gave way due to a structural issue and was not weather related, which was highly speculated to be the cause. The Oregon Coast apparently had strong winds in the area when the collapse occurred. The victims stated they were on the hotel room’s balcony enjoying the view when the wood supporting the deck collapsed. Six people fell into a mooring basin below. The chilly water reached up to their chests as they swam to safety.

The victims were able to climb out of the water themselves and onto a rocky area. No rescues were reported in the collapse. Thankfully, it was only one room’s balcony that collapsed. No serious injuries were reported, and it is unknown if anyone was transported to an area hospital for treatment. The victims apparently spent all day Wednesday drying out their soaked belongings and recovering other lost personal items from the river. Police officials are conducting a full investigation into the incident.

Legal News Reporter: Nicole Howley-Legal news for Oregon personal injury lawyers.