/EIN Presswire/ Among the many vodkas on the market there is only one that is made from corn in the United States, drinks smooth and tastes as fresh as the great outdoors as well as gives ALL IT’S PROFITS to American Veterans.

Founded by Joe Nedlin in Aspen, Colorado, Joka Vodka recognizes that our American Veterans are in desperate need of help. I cannot ask for people to donate with all the hardship our economy has inflicted on our population but I can give them an American made vodka that is first rate and I will make the donation for them.

Nedlin has affiliated himself with the Blue Star Mothers, a national veterans organization that receives the money from Joka to put out where it is needed most.

Nedlin feels that Americans want to help and he is providing them with a win win situation by giving them the best vodka and giving the profits to our American heroes.

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