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California Tainted Food Products Lawyer – Mary Alexander

San Francisco, California — As far spread as the tainted food cases involving chicken, peanuts and spinach have become, people all over the nation are more concerned with the food they are consuming and the problems that could arise if that food is contaminated.

Contaminated food is often a result of poor manufacturing or packaging. These errors could have drastic effects including serious illness to consumers and even death.

During the 2006 E. coli outbreaks, which is a fatal bacterium that triggers severe dehydration, seemingly harmless foods became dangerous including spinach and lettuce products, causing illness in hundreds of consumers.

Botulism is another type of serious illness brought on by food-borne bacteria, where the victim suffers from abdominal pain, paralysis, and respiratory failure. This form of tainted food has been linked to improper canning processes. Signs of botulism include double or blurred vision, drooping eyelids, slurred speech, difficulty swallowing, dry mouth, and muscle weakness.

The California tainted food product law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates gives clients the peace of mind knowing the legal team has an aggressive blend of a legal and scientific background.

Founding partner, Mary Alexander is a Stanford-trained scientist who has a unique combination of skill that allows her to take on technical negligence cases, such as those involving tainted food products.

Individuals who think they may have contracted a food-borne illness as a result of tainted food products should contact a physician immediately, and then contact a reputable tainted food product lawyer like Mary Alexander & Associates for help in collecting the compensation they deserve.

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