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When Steve Thompson received an enquiry from a council about how to secure a wheelie bin, he didn’t think 6 months that later he would be dealing with national and international interest.

As Steve looked into things in more detail, research that he had done over the last year on wheelie bin crime, showed that there was a major problem across the UK.

“I realised that wheelie bin crime is a growing problem and we became more determined to find a solution”, explained Steve. “Wherever we have taken our prototype, we’ve received the most amazing positive response. We’ve already applied for the patent and I’m getting excited about the potential now”.

Steve’s invention prevents unauthorised access to both domestic and commercial wheelie bins due to a clever but simple locking device.

The Binsafe products have received the Fenland Enterprise Business Award for Creative Innovation of the year. Steve said this was a very proud moment when he received the award.

Binsafe officially launched the new Secure Wheelie Bin Storage Solutions at the RWM show at Birmingham’s NEC, resulting in over 70 enquiries and a wide interest from Councils, NHS, schools, Faculties Management Companies, small and large business owners, suppliers and major manufactures in the UK and Europe.

Steve has been invited to the “Inside Government Tackling Environmental Crime” seminar in Westminster, London. Wheelie bin crime costs the tax payer millions of pounds each year. This could be a great opportunity for Steve and the Binsafe products.

“Arson is another issue that our products can help reduce and we’ve already had them tested by the Arson Task Force. BinSafe are working in partnership with the Cambs Arson Task Force and are now starting a pilot with the Binsafe range across the Peterborough area to help prevent the increase of wheelie bin crime, to help local businesses and the community”

“We’ve supplied a local butcher who had major problems for over a year with theft of meat and pastries from his bin ever day. His main concern was that he was liable, even if someone was stealing from his bin, for the environmental issues that this was causing as waste was left emptied all over the place” Steve said. “from the first day the Binsafe frame was fitted it has been a success and has all stopped now”. Its made things safer and cleaner for local residents and now the local butcher has saved over £500 on clean up cost alone, he is very pleased and has no more stress with his bin problems.

Steve says that businesses are prime targets for wheelie bin crime, using the bin to access property, theft of bins, scavenging, arson attacks, fly tipping and anti social behaviour. Clean up cost can go into hundreds of pounds a year, if not more. An arson attack could cost thousands of pounds and the business then would not be able to trade as normal, or would not even recover for an Arson attack. The secure wheelie bin storage solutions will help businesses to prevent wheelie bin crime. The great news is for business owners, they can save up to 100% Tax Relief on BinSafe products. Business owners securing their business and property, that’s PRICELESS.

Over the coming weeks, Steve is putting trails into the Sainsbury’s and King’s Lynn Borough Council.

The business will really start to grow. “We’ve got this far and it’s been hard work. I’m delighted with the way things have gone and we’ve got a massive opportunity ahead of us.”

More information and Action Videos Visit www.BinSafe.org

call Steven Thompson 01945 474335. Be Safe With BinSafe