/ EIN Presswire / Innovative Design of Scandinavia AB´s tray for ready meals keeps the chef´s appetizing presentation intact – from tray to plate. Having caused great excitement in Scandinavia, the innovation continues to make progress on the European market. This time with the attention turned towards the Benelux countries.

– The tray is unique. The removable bottom part presents a sought-after solution to a problem that has been recognized for years. The Dutch market players we have met have truly grasped the tray’s potential giving us an unparalleled response, states Mike Scholten, the representative for Innovative Design of Scandinavia in the Netherlands.

Innovative Design of Scandinavia launched in Europe during the autumn of 2009 with Scandinavia as a first step. Now markets in Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy beckon.

– Initial contacts have been made with several major players on the market. The Benelux market is crucial in our European strategy. We expect the tray to reach the Benelux countries during spring 2010, says Rickard Gillblad, CEO at Innovative Design of Scandinavia.

Images of the tray are available on the website.

Rickard Gillblad
Innovative Design of Scandinavia AB
+ 46 733 39 79 05