/EIN Presswire / As always, the discovery was accidental. But is there really such a thing as coincidence?
Anabiosis was reflected in a musical project – one that was planned from time immemorial,
and perhaps before the Big Bang. This irresistible music crystallized in an avalanche of sound,
splendidly well ordered, successive and unpredictable. This time the starry skies have smiled
upon an ordinary dreamer, and he couldn’t stand this pressure or remain silent and now must act!

By using technocratic electronic-mechanical devices, Starded has sounded pictures of the unimaginable.
He revealed his thoughts and feelings to people by using a language all people can understand -music.
The results of this self experiment can be found in the album Anabiosis.

The main idea of the Anabiosis is not the focus on anabiosis itself, but rather journeys to a far away
world, and meditation upon cosmic space … and upon the earth itself from the point of view of the black
abyss. Starded has tried to create in sound his own view of the past, present and future. He has revealed
his own feelings about Creation. And what Starded wanted to express he managed to. This was the first time
he’d had his “electronic experience”, and it turned out to be fantastic.

Anabiosis, as fancied by Starded, is a certain condition of existence, rather unpleasant. However, many
life forms got used to it without harm long ago. For a human being this way of existence, even temporarily,
is very complicated. Therefore music about this subject is extremely eloquent: visions people sometimes get
in anabiosis excite and carry them to the very edge of the universe, the place you have never planned
to go to … but will these visions return our consciousness back?

Modern research has proven the ability of controlling the condition when the vital activity of an organism
falls drastically. This concerns both animals and humans. Consequently, travel through deep space may come
true – to the planets of the solar system and beyond.
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