The Didactic Poems and Songs of Christopher Rudolph

Hawthorne, CA, – Christopher Rudolph, a Language Arts and Social Studies teacher, is sharing his didactic songs, poems, raps, and chants that teach about English grammar, history, math, and test taking skills.

He has been using these effectively to raise his own student’s test scores. For many students, learning grammar is totally boring. Teaching it can be a frustrating experience. “Why is it that so many of our students can’t even conjugate the verb To Be?” asked Christopher. “I figured, if we keep doing the same thing we are going to just keep getting the same results,” he said. “I need to think outside the box, and do something different.” So, he came up with a rap song called “The Verb To Be Rap.”

He introduced it to the class, and it quickly caught on. The students found themselves singing it over and over in their minds. It didn’t take long before all of them had mastered the verb To Be. Conjugating it became easy for them. Soon, Christopher was coming up with other poems, songs and raps like “Prepositions in Time and Space”, “The Adjective Blues”, and “8 Parts of Speech Voyage.” The students were learning faster than ever before. “The progress my students have been making is nothing less than amazing,” he said. Other teachers took note and began to use them in their classes as well. Christopher’s latest rap song is aimed at improving student’s test scores. It is called “Trap N Rap It” which is also the name of his Reading Comprehension Test Taking Strategy that he recently created. “With so much riding on student’s test scores on exams like the California Standards Test, we need every advantage we can get,” he said. So far, the results have been extremely promising.

His students are remembering the strategy and using it to boost their test scores. His students have made tremendous improvement on benchmark tests that try to prepare them for the CST. “There is no stopping them now,” he said. For more information visit


Angela Peres