/ EIN Presswire / Congratulations to the thousands of participants who made the world’s largest intention healing project a success! On November 8, 2009 we collectively created a shift by sending our intentions!

Adam DreamHealer put his reputation on the line when he planned this very ambitious research project. He was elated that over 10,000 worldwide confirmed their participation in the world’s largest intention heals project. Since 2003 he has held large group healing sessions where the collective intention of the group creates the ideal environment for healing. His visualizations are powerful tools that help to focus intentions and this has helped thousands of people accelerate their own healing. Over the years many people have joined in these healing sessions remotely from around the world. Every one of us has the innate capacity to heal ourselves and these group energy treatments provide an experience to help awaken the healer within all of us.

In this project, Adam did not do his trademark trance healing, but instead joined
the 700 people at the Vancouver workshop in sending specific intentions to the volunteer, Christine. Thousands of participants worldwide joined in, all sending specific intentions to Christine, who was unaware of when this would occur, and was monitored by an EEG.

As Adam emphasizes in his four international bestselling books, our intentions and thoughts influence our health. Many who attend Adam’s workshops do not need the science to convince them of what they already know to be true. However Adam being a scientifically minded person feels that it is important to have more scientific studies on this topic. Adam wants to integrate the use of our intentions into all modalities of healing, including allopathic medicine. This requires more scientific research, which Adam is proving to be a very achievable goal.

The primary goal of the Global Intention Heals Project is to further understand the influence of group intention on human physiology. At a specific time Adam instructed all participants to focus their intentions on influencing Christine’s brainwaves. Adam had created a video clip of a specific visualization to be used by all participants, which included her photograph and some personal details about her. The visualization consisted of lightning bolts hitting the top of Christine’s head and creating activity in her brain. After the intention interval the participants were all instructed to stop thinking about Christine. Here is a summary of the research findings.
The study was conducted by Dr. Sheldon Lewkis R.Psych, research coordinator, Data processing and interpretation: Jay Gunkelman of Q-Pro and Neurophysiology Technologist: Ted Rennie .

“EEG was recorded during several baseline conditions and during a ten minute (eyes closed) intention interval in which many thousands of participants (close to ten thousand are confirmed) throughout the world were instructed to stimulate activity in the subject’s brain using a visualizing of lightning bolts passing through the subject’s brain and moving down through their body towards the feet and into the ground or a visualization of their own choice; with this group intention being mediated by Adam. The subject was unaware when her EEG was recorded for the intention interval. The data was edited and analyzed with blinding as to which EEG records represented baselines and which represented the intervention interval. During all phases of EEG recording the subject was physically and in terms of electronic communication devices remote from Adam and all participants sending intentions in the study.

Several intriguing differences have been found in comparing quantitative EEG results between the eyes closed baseline recording period and the eyes closed intention interval. These differences are summarized as follows:
A very dense hyper-coherence that appears throughout the entire network of electrodes in the 11 to 12 Hz range in the baseline recording is not present in the intention interval recording. Coherence refers to connectivity between different parts of the brain as is derived by examining the extent to which waveforms of similar shape are present at different locations at the same time. Hyper-coherence is an excessive coupling of different brain areas suggesting that the sites are doing too much of the same thing at the same time; it represents an inefficiency in brain function of the nature of inadequate differentiation of function. During the sending of intentions this hyper-coherence is not evident.

The intention interval recording displays bursts of rhythmic activity in the 7.5 to 8 Hz range with associated harmonics (waves at mathematical multiples of the primary frequency) and nested rhythms (the modulation of one frequency by another, even in the absence of a mathematical harmonic per se) expressed in short periods of peaking energy at a number of electrode sites, with the primary frequency of the harmonics being 7.81 Hz.

This phenomenon, which emerges from what is referred to as a bispectral analysis, is not present in the baseline condition. The bursts of activity with associated harmonic frequencies and nested rhythms as cross spectral couplings that were found in the intention interval is consistent with what are referred to as Schumann Resonance. This is an extremely intriguing finding as the Schumann Resonance and it’s harmonics have previously been hypothesized as being an aspect of the connectivity dynamic underlying remote or distant healing (Hendricks, Gunkelman and Bengston, in press, Journal of Scientific Exploration) and are also associated with the earth’s electromagnetic field as resonated by lightning strikes.

The researchers are now considering writing a paper based on these findings to be submitted to a peer reviewed scientific journal.”
How fascinating it was that the 7.5 to 8 Hz primary frequency of harmonics noted in the EEG at the time when participants sent intentions using lightning bolt visualizations is similar to actual lightning bolts. Participants created in the volunteer’s brainwaves the same frequency as their visualized intention. Amazing!

Adam plans to hold further Global Intention Heals Projects at his upcoming events, in addition to his two group healing sessions. Participants in the November 8 Vancouver workshop, noticed the second healing session was even more profound after participating in the GIHP. We also received many similar reports from participants sending intentions to our volunteer who were geographically further away. This project was only possible with the participation of so many open-minded people. Thanks for your participation as we anticipate many more projects with even more astounding results!

Christine’s Comments

I am shaking in my boots! I am so excited about the results, and I was sure there would be a change in the brainwaves. It was such a profound change from my usually so busy brain to a calm coherent wave movement. I wonder if the what I called “stardust” like particles at the beginning were connected to the “lightning bolts” visualization that was happening without my knowledge. Interesting to find out about my hyper active brain, not that I was not aware of this.

Anyway, please release this information, it is fascinating and makes my heart soar with pride that Adam can scientifically prove that our intentions play a role in our healing. I want to thank all of you so much for this opportunity and want to offer my complete support in terms of any assistance or questions that anyone might have. I am in total awe of the magnitude of this GIHP project.
Thanks, Christine