SEOCompany launches SEO-in-a-Box – A revolutionary hosted website platform

Dallas, Texas — Dallas SEO Company, a Dallas based website development and search engine optimization company ( announced the launch of their new, cutting-edge hosted website platform called SEO-in-a-Box.

This platform will help business owners not only create a powerful web presence on the Internet, it will also help to get the website ranked on the largest search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, thereby creating buzz while generating more web traffic and increased sales.

By having a vast knowledge of the online marketplace and skilled engineers on staff who keep up with the ever-evolving world of marketing, created a turn-key solution to shine a light on any company and their strengths.

The SEO-in-a-Box hosted website platform is comprised of:

* Custom Website Design
* Hosted Content Management System (Vision Smart CMS) – a proprietary system that adds the power of organic search engine optimization that makes online marketing easy.
* Turn-Key Blog with custom content writing by a skilled team of SEO content writers.
* Built in analytics using Google Analytics (Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web solution that gives comprehensive insights into web traffic and marketing effectiveness.) aims to offer a strong website that delivers, which is why localized search engine optimization is added in order to attract visitors and improve conversion. By employing the power of SEO-in-a-Box, the SEO engineers at will work 24/7 to have a website ranked for keywords and phrases that best describe the client’s business based on keyword research.

The hosted website platform also taps into the power of social networking including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter for a more extensive reach across multiple target audiences.

Are your ready to get started on building your powerful web presence through web design and online marketing? Contact the SEO experts now online at or call 888.623.6996.

Note: Google Analytics is a product of Google Inc.