Warm greetings and namaste from Kathmandu, Nepal!

/EIN Presswire/ The Himalaya – Changing Landscapes photo exhibition was held 25-31 October in Berne, Switzerland. The location at the Weisenhausplatz in the heart of Berne old town was excellent attracting the general public and passers-by the whole week long. The Swiss love mountains and they love Nepal, so the exhibition was well received by the Bernaise audience. The visitors included many people who had trekked or even worked in Nepal and had fond memories of the country and could identify many of photos on display. It was encouraging to get such positive feedback also from the general public, who found the exhibition informative, interesting and visually exciting.

A mobile version of the exhibition is now traveling in several states in India organised by the G.B. Pant Institute of Himalayan Environment and Development (GBPIHED). The first display was held at GB Pant’s headquarters on 10-12 September; and was followed by exhibitions in Shimla during the Himalayan Chief Ministers’ Conclave on 29 – 30 October; in Mohal-Kullu (2-3 November); and in Srinagar, Garhwal (6-7 November). We hear that the exhibition has been highly appreciated at all sites, and the feedback is that more exhibitions of this kind should be organised to create awareness of the impact of climate and global change on the Himalayan people and environment.