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December 2, 2009 / EIN PRESSWIRE / EIN News, an online leader in industry news monitoring and press syndication, helps its members keep their fingers on the pulse of the publishing industry with the new Book Publishing Industry Today.

Located at http://books.einnews.com, Book Publishing Industry Today gathers the latest news from around the world about authors, new releases, book deals, publishing houses, self-publishers and Google Books, giving subscribers cover-to-cover access to vital publishing industry information.

The site joins EIN News’ growing list of media and entertainment industry news publications, which include Music Industry Today, Movie Industry Today and Media Industry Today. EIN News uses its unique, proprietary search technology, which combines news aggregation and the human editorial element, to gather for its members the latest, hard-to-find news from English-language news sources around the world.

If it happens in the publishing industry, it can be found on Book Publishing Industry Today. Thousands of industry professionals and government institutions rely on EIN News for their daily information needs, and each new membership to the EIN News service comes with a one-week, no-obligation free trial. To see a full list of EIN Publications, please visit http://www.einnews.com/news_publications.php.

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