/ EIN Presswire / Leading orthopaedic pre-operative planning brand, OrthoView, has become a generic term to describe the orthopaedic pre-operative planning process.

JACKSONVILLE, FL, 02 DECEMBER, 2009 – Just as the Hoover brand became synonymous with vacuuming and Xerox with photocopying, now OrthoView has become recognized as the generic name for orthopaedic pre-operative planning, with surgeons referring to the process of using the software to plan and template digitally as “orthoviewing the image”.

OrthoView had led the field in digital pre-operative planning since 2002 and is now present in at least 49 countries worldwide. With over 650 installations across North America alone using OrthoView, and integrations with all the major PACS, OrthoView is now a key tool enabling orthopaedic departments across the US and Canada to plan and template digitally.

It is not surprising therefore that the word OrthoView is often now used to describe the process of orthopaedic pre-operative planning itself.
Samir Mehta MD, an orthopaedic trauma specialist based in Pennsylvania, and his team of residents, have incorporated the verb “to orthoview” into their daily lexicon. “It is quite usual for me to ask my team if they have orthoviewed the x-ray yet or if they have sent the orthoviewed images to the OR.” Says Mehta. “Digital pre-operative planning with OrthoView is central to my workflow and it now seems quite natural to refer to the process in this way.”

About OrthoView

OrthoView is the world’s most widely used digital orthopaedic planning solution, used in hospitals and clinics throughout the globe. With a comprehensive library of digital templates from major orthopaedic implant manufacturers, OthoView offers pre-operative planning and templating for joint replacement surgery and fracture management, as well as specialist modules for pediatric assessment, limb deformity correction and spinal measurement. Quick and simple to use, OrthoView delivers accurate and reliable recommendations for the orthopaedic team. For more information visit www.orthoview.com or email [email protected]