/ EIN Presswire / NEW YORK, NY December 4, 2009 – Blue Spoon Consulting Group, LLC, today published a generic design concept for marketing ecosystems. Available for download through the Blue Spoon Consulting website (www.bluespoonconsulting.com/downloads), marketing ecosystem design is driven by the demand for new thinking to overcome marketing and media fragmentation.

Addressing the total context of change reshaping the operating environment, marketing ecosystem design centers on the art of arranging and balancing disparate activities from the marketing services and information technology industries into new configurations. It is the intimacy of interaction – the way pieces are connected in time and space – that changes how campaigns are planned, creates a new approach to competition, develops an ability to transform signals into meaning, and delivers a qualitative leap in business performance.

“Launching the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement is a step in the right direction, but it is an under-conceptualized vision, and one that’s locked-in to an obsolete promote-and-push mindset,” said John G. Singer, Managing Director, Blue Spoon Consulting. “By isolating ‘better measurement of advertising’ as the piece to fix, the Coalition is using the same fragmentary way of looking at the world that is causing the communications environment to disintegrate in the first place. The strategic issue at hand is designing a new system of interactions around a common objective.”

Blue Spoon is among the world’s leading strategy consultancies. Blue Spoon has pioneered a methodology for market strategy defined in 21st-century terms, an approach that enables an evolutionary leap in solutions for growth and competitive advantage. The firm was the first to publish a new operating model for drug marketing,1 the first to design a new architecture for grand strategy in the pharmaceutical industry,2 and introduced the concept of ‘marketing ecosystems’ as a framework for brand management.3 Visit: www.bluespoonconsulting.com.

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