16th Latin Oil Week 2010
22nd -24th March 2010
Rio de Janeiro
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This 16th Annual Latin Upstream is a key event for the Latin American Continent, focused on the exploration industry, gas-LNG and GTL – with Speakers from Latin America and worldwide on competition, National Oil Companies, strategy and portfolio, new ventures, new hydrocarbon potential, regional risks and management issues, integration in energy markets, domestic and cross-border oil and gas ventures, Independents, basins and acreage, new Bid Rounds, competitor strategies, and the future of Latin American and Caribbean hydrocarbons.

Themes covered include

* Latin American Landscapes: Upstream & Exploration Game
* Key Influences In Latin Hydrocarbons
* Latin Gas-LNG and GTL Ventures
* Government Strategies, Acreage & Assets
* Licensing Agencies
* Reserve & Production Outlook
* Mature Exploration Zones
* Heavy Oil & EOR Potential
* Deepwater Potential & New Frontiers
* Caribbean States & Central Latin America
* Southern Cone Gas
* Hydrocarbon Frontier States: New Plays & Opportunities
* Latin Giants: Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico
* Minnows, Independents & Super-Majors Active In The Region
* Foreign State Players Taking Acreage & Joint Venture Positioning & Emerging Players – Local and Global Players

6th Latin Petroleum: Strategy Briefing 2010

Our 6th Latin Petroleum: Strategy Briefing 2010 provides an in-depth examination of the upstream oil and gas-LNG strategies in exploration and development in Latin America, and the strategies of Corporates, Governments and State Oil Players on the Continent.

Presentations are made by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners) in an intensive and interactive forum, with Delegates provided online access for Presentations (around 950+ images), providing a seasoned diagnosis based on 25+ years upstream Advisory experience on Six Continents, with a post-event Cocktail Reception with Invited industry Guests.

This intensive and interactive 1-day Strategy Briefing provides unique upstream perspectives on the 21st Century Latin American oil and gas exploration and development future. It evaluates in-depth a range of critical near-to-long term perspectives now in play, and destined to reshape Latin America in the world, along with Latin corporate players and State-National Oil Company hydrocarbon strategies.

Over 45 Senior Executives from Latin America and around the world attended the Strategy Briefing in 2009.

Benefits For Attendees

The Strategy Briefing provides new insights, ideas and data for senior executives in Companies, Governments and National Oil Companies with management responsibilities in shaping decisions for investments and planning the petroleum and gas-LNG future. Presentations provided online to all Delegates canvass the leading competitors, Governments and State Oil Companies across the Southern Cone, Andean States, Central America and Caribbean.

There are several key reasons to advise delegates to attend our Strategy Briefing, as follows:

1. Strategy Briefings are highly intensive, with unique Presentations made on corporate and government strategy by Dr Duncan Clarke (Chairman & CEO, Global Pacific & Partners) providing 8 hrs of insights and commentary – Duncan Clarke is widely published inside the world oil and gas industry and is the author of well-known books: The Battle For Barrels (Profile Books, London, 2007) and Empires Of Oil (Profile Books, London Sept 2007), and Crude Continent: The Struggle for Africa’s Oil Prize, Profile Books, London, Sept 2008).

2. Strategy Briefings are based on 30 years upstream in-depth knowledge and experience on corporate strategy, with special insider understanding of the world industry, national oil companies, and key issues, so offering rich insight on the upstream world.

3. Strategy Briefing include 750-950 unique slides/images on key themes, and Delegates get access to these Presentations online for download.

4. You meet Peers and Delegates prior to the Conference in an intimate setting, with lunch, networking and cocktails – so enabling better access to participants during the Conference itself.

5. Our Strategy Briefings are one-of-a-kind, and the only type of such regular and annual Strategy Briefings done worldwide. Over 2,500 clients have attended briefings by Duncan Clarke over the last two decades, a unique track record in the industry, and as these are done in and on Africa, Asia, Latin America, MidEast, National Oil Companies and the World Oil Future, this brings unique global perspective to each Strategy Briefing.

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