The two faced off in court over ownership allegations Monday.

Delaware ( – EBay Inc. and Craigslist faced off in a court battle Monday over EBay’s ownership in Craigslist. As reported by Reuters, the case involves a lawsuit filed in 2008 by EBay against Craigslist for an alleged lowering of EBay’s stake in the company that purportedly led to its losing its board of directors seat.

As noted in the report, Craigslist also filed a lawsuit against EBay over alleged deceptive practices. EBay Inc’s former chief executive, Meg Whitman, testified in the case against Craigslist on Monday.

Whitman is quoted by Reuters as stating, “We were very interested in making an acquisition of Craigslist and we would have loved to have bought the whole thing… But we understood early on that was not going to be possible, at least early on… We knew there was no path to control unless they sold us the shares.”

As noted in the report, the case can be viewed on Courtroom View Network. – The latest in Legal News

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Coolcaesar