Save Time And Money Researching Properties In San Diego County With A New Online Mapping Tool provides free access to San Diego’s abundant regional information for the purpose of property research.

San Diego, CA – December 7, 2009 – The City of San Diego has collected and made freely available to the public a wide variety of city and county information, but without the specialized software and training required to view and understand the information, how usable is it? connects users to this information with a user-friendly Internet mapping website.

Operated by Innovative Mapping Solutions, provides information in an easily navigated environment, grouping data into categories such as Planning, Environmental, Transportation and Education. Users select the type of information they want to display on the map. For example, a user can view land use, parcels, bus stops, earthquake faults and schools near the location of interest. While viewing a desired neighborhood, the map background is displayed as a street map, aerial image or USGS Topographical map. Users can even view a location with Google Street View to see the surrounding neighborhood.

The diversity and accessibility of the data provided at is intended to eliminate the hassle and cost currently required to obtain this information from the City or County of San Diego. While the government provides this information at no cost, if it’s not easy to access then average citizens remain unaware about the details of their community.

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Aaron Sutton is a co-founder of Innovative Mapping Solutions and a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) developer. His business operates in San Diego, CA and New Orleans, LA, with a team focused on building applications to connect people to information they need to know.

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