/ EIN Presswire / A compilation of travel media 2010 editorial calendars has been published. Included are 242 trade and consumer magazines covering travel as well as travel sections of major newspapers from around the World. Its four sections cover editorial and advertising contact and other information for the publications, the editorial calendars, the topics sorted in publication time-sequence and EdCalAlerts™. 

“It’s an essential tool for planning and targeting ads and editorial placements, notes Frank Scott, Publisher. The time-of-appearance sorted section is very popular. Users find it particularly useful for timing editorial placements to coincide with a particular event or promotion. And throughout the year the EdCalAlerts™ in Section 4 forewarn of stories closing in 60 days, with contact info conveniently provided for each topic”. 

The editorial calendar compilation is published annually on a CD in searchable PDF format, with some sections also provided in Excel(R) format. The links to all websites and email addresses are live – just click and go, to visit a website or send an email to a travel editor. The CD is shipped overnight for next-day delivery.

To order, or to view samples of each section, visit www.scottamerican.com


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