Legal news for Massachusetts Personal Injury attorneys –Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority passenger bus crashed into a pedestrian as reported by police.

Boston, MA ( — A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority bus (MBTA) reportedly struck a male pedestrian on Friday, December 11, 2009, according to

Massachusetts police officials reported to the scene at the intersection of Huntington Avenue and Ring Road around 2 a.m. Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Coley’s office stated the early morning crash occurred when the MBTA passenger bus was heading west on Huntington Avenue, when it suddenly struck the 54-year-old male pedestrian.

A previous investigation reported that the passenger MBTA bus had been driving slowly when it struck the pedestrian. People who witnessed the accident said that the man appeared to be running toward the bus when it was turning onto Ring Road from Huntington Avenue. The driver of the bus said that he immediately stopped the vehicle when he felt the impact.

Emergency medical services (EMS) rushed to the scene to transport the injured man to Boston Medical Center to be cared for by doctors and nurses. He was reportedly in the intensive care unit. The 50-year-old bus driver will undergo standard examination and a drug and alcohol screening.

Bridget Hom