Legal news for Massachusetts Construction Accident attorneys—A worker was injured when his forklift tipped over, and paramedics airlifted him for injuries sustained at a medical supplies factory.

Mansfield, MA ( – A worker was operating a forklift when the machine tipped over and spilled dangerous materials at a medical manufacturing factory, on Wednesday, December 16, 2009, according to The Sun Chronicle.

Police and emergency medical services (EMS) reported to the medical factory at 560 West Street located in the Cabot Business Park, where the accident occurred at 5 p.m. The employee fell off the forklift, which spilled sulfuric acid and hydraulic fluid all over the floor. HAZMAT teams arrived to clean up the materials shortly after the incident.

The injured employee was found on the floor when paramedics arrived, who then airlifted him to Boston Medical Center, where doctors discovered that he had suffered leg, hip, and rib injuries due to the forklift tipping over, and not due to the chemical exposure. The employee’s identity was not disclosed.

HAZMAT crews were attempting to identify the materials before neutralizing and cleaning them up. Business was temporarily put on hold while the HAZMAT teams worked to remove the spill, so that business could go back to normal. Mansfield and Foxboro firefighters were at the scene of the accident to be of assistance. The Medical factory creates medical supplies for medical centers, hospitals, nursing homes, and other agencies.

Bridget Hom