Legal news for Florida personal injury attorneys. A high school basketball player suddenly collapsed during a game for unknown reasons.

Florida personal injury attorneys alerts- A basketball player collapsed during the half time of a basketball game.

Jacksonville, FL—A high school basketball player suddenly collapsed during the halftime of a basketball game for unknown reasons. The Sandalwood High basketball player was pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital on Monday, December 21, 2009, as reported by Fox News.

The Sandalwood High School senior, Phillip Jackson, 18, reportedly played the entire second quarter of the basketball game against Nease High before he collapsed around 3:30 p.m. The basketball game was a part of a holiday tournament at Terry Parker High, which is a part of an annual Arlington Lions Club tournament that the school hosts every year. The players were apparently coming in the door to return to the court after a quick talk with the coach, Rocky Cusack, when Jackson suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed. Cusack stated, “It looked like he had a small seizure right before he fell to the floor.” Jackson reportedly seemed “fine” before the sudden collapse. When emergency medical services (EMS) paramedics arrived at the scene Jackson had a slight pulse. Jackson’s parents were at the game and accompanied their son to Memorial Medical Center for treatment. He was pronounced dead by attending medical professionals after arriving at the hospital. It is currently unknown what caused Jackson to collapse.

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