Legal news for New Jersey Work-related firefighter death attorneys –Two brave firefighters and three civilans were injured in an apartment building blaze in Paterson, NJ.

PATERSON, NJ ( – Two firefighters along with three civilians were injured when a 16-story apartment quickly turned into an inferno early Monday morning, December 21, 2009, according to The Record.

Fire officials responded to the blaze that began around 1:45 a.m. on the ninth floor of the apartment located at 85 Presidential Boulevard. Tragically, even with firefighter’s quick response to the blaze, a woman in the apartment building was fatally injured.

Emergency medical services (EMS) were at the scene to assist and transport the injured to local hospitals. Firefighters worked tirelessly to battle the flames while others performed search and rescue missions to get the surviving residents out of the building. One man was pulled through a window to safety.

Two more victims were helped by firefighters down the stairs. The three injured victims were transported via EMS to be treated by doctors and nurses at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. Their injuries were not specified.

Two firefighters were also transported to the hospital for injuries. One firefighter suffered burns to his face, while another was treated for a shoulder injury. Both injuries were considered non-life threatening.

Firefighters brought the blaze under control at 3:15 a.m. despite the gusty winds that tried to hinder their progress. Investigators continued to probe the cause of the fire as more rescue teams continued to evacuate the other unharmed residents in the building.

Bridget Hom