Legal news for Arizona automobile accident attorneys. Three people were killed and nine were injured after storms caused several crashes.

Arizona automobile accident lawyers alerts- Winter storms in Arizona caused hazardous conditions with led to several fiery crashes.

Phoenix, AZ—A Tuesday, December 22, 2009 winter storm caused hazardous conditions, which led to three deaths and six injuries on I-10 and I-40. The blowing dust on I-10 and the slick and icy conditions on I-40 caused several fiery wrecks, as reported by MSNBC.

Around midday on I-10, a pile-up of fiery wrecks, which involved 18-wheelers, passenger cars, and vans, closed both directions of the freeway connecting Tucson to Phoenix, while emergency services responded to the scene. The eastbound lanes about 40 miles south of Phoenix near Casa Grande were shut down while emergency rescue crews extinguished the vehicle fires, rescued the injured, and freed the deceased. Dust kicked up by nearby farms caused hazardous conditions that caused another set of crashes near Pichaco. Just west of Flagstaff on I-40, dozens of vehicles were involved in crashes or even slid off the side of the highway due to the snow fall.

A total of 22 vehicles and nine commercial trucks were involved in the series of wrecks that occurred on Tuesday. All in all, six people were transported to Phoenix area hospital for treatment. Three motorists also tragically died in the crashes. One motorist, Edgar Ivan Medina, of Iowa City, was killed after being rear-ended by his own father when he suddenly slowed down due to the dust storm. Two siblings, a brother, 14, and sister, 17, who were riding in a Jeep were also killed. They were reportedly headed to a restaurant in Picacho when the crash occurred.

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