Two EMTs reportedly refused to aid a dying woman while at an eatery.

New York ( – Two emergency workers reportedly refused to assist a dying pregnant woman while at an eatery in Brooklyn, New York. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), the EMTs, Jason Green and Melissa Jackson, were suspended in connection with the Dec. 9 incident, in which they failed to help 25 year-old expectant mother Eutisha Rennix when she collapsed in the store citing they were on break. The two reportedly told workers to call for help and left the eatery without rendering assistance.

Rennix and her baby died shortly after being taken to a hospital. Rennix’s mother Cynthia is quoted by the AP as stating of the emergency workers, “You are very inhuman; you don’t need to have a job like you do.”

As noted in the report, the incident is currently under investigation. – The latest in Legal News