Canada Drug, Alcohol Rehabilitation Center – Chatsworth Pavilion Offers Powerful ‘Closed Group’ Program

Drug addiction and rehabilitation-Chatsworth Pavilion

Montreal, Quebec, Canada — Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is a personal quest that involves hard work, determination and unwavering support.

Although there are many rehabilitation centers available across the United States, the program at Chatsworth Pavilion based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada offers a different type of approach that fosters the addicts innate desire for balance, connectedness and healthy relationships, both with themselves and with the people in their life.

Working under the strict Canadian confidentiality laws, Chatsworth Pavilion’s approach, called a “Closed Group” model, is a shorter program that allows the counselors to provide more intensive, uninterrupted therapy and treatment in less time than most standard 28+ day programs.

In addition, the “closed group” program is a one-of-a-kind rehab treatment approach that is is unique to Chatsworth Pavilion. With a smaller group of participants, this form of treatment offers improved cohesion, and customized, individualized attention from staff and counselors, as there are no more than 3 clients assigned to each counselor during the duration of one’s program.

The rehab center’s philosophy states, “Chatsworth Pavilion is dedicated to providing an environment and opportunity for the focus needed to re-connect with our authentic-selves. We have developed an effective, structured, closed-group experience that serves to dramatically shorten a process that may otherwise take years. We honor all those, at any stage of recovery, who are working, one step at a time, to be the best they can be. Our mission is to provide a safe, supportive environment to facilitate and sustain a healthy recovery from self-defeating behaviors and dependencies.”

Addiction recovery is difficult, but not impossible. Chatsworth Pavilion provides the tools one needs to recover from the inside out while learning how to manage life and all the curve balls it may throw along the way – without drugs or alcohol.

For those needing additional information on addiction recovery, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or other questions regarding drug and alcohol treatment, contact Chatsworth Pavilion today at 866-866-5021, or log on to