Legal news for New Jersey personal injury attorneys—A Ford Mustang crashed into a New Jersey home and injured one resident.

Morris Township, NJ ( – A car crashed into a resident’s home and injured a woman receiving acupuncture Wednesday, December 23, 2009, according to the Star-Ledger.

Around 4 p.m. in the afternoon, a woman was being treated with acupuncture when suddenly a car barreled into her house, reported responding police. The house was located on Hillcrest Avenue where the 2008 Ford Mustang ended up in the woman’s home. Emergency medical services (EMS) arrived at the scene to assist.

Police reported that the Mustang, driven by 20-year-old Louis John Ord, was speeding when he could not stop at an adjacent intersection. He then continued on and struck two parked cars in another resident’s driveway and then pushed the woman’s car through the garage and into her home where she was knocked off the acupuncture table.

EMS treated the 40-year-old woman for back pain at the scene of the wreck. The Mustang that barreled into the house was registered to Lisa Ubertaccio. The passenger traveling in the vehicle at the time of the crash was identified as 18-year-old Kenneth Liou, who was arrested, charged and released for disorderly conduct. Ord was detained and charged with reckless driving.

Bridget Hom