Legal news for the Pennsylvania work-related firefighter deaths– One firefighter was injured battling the blaze.

Franklin County, PA ( – A brave firefighter was injured battling a blaze when the house partially collapsed Tuesday afternoon, December, 29, 2009, according to Chambersburg Public Opinion.

Firefighters rushed to the scene after the residents called 911 about their chimney fire, which spread quickly to the walls of the home. Firefighters began to battle the flames that were consuming the house. The freezing weather conditions made it difficult for the firefighters to combat the blaze.

Firefighters had to run two-miles away to retrieve water from a local pond to extinguish the fire. Other firefighters attempted to fight the flames from inside the burning home, but could not get in due to the consumed stairway.

One unidentified firefighter was transported via ambulance to Chambersburg Hospital where doctors and nurses treated him for smoke inhalation, minor lacerations and bruising. The fire was finally contained after an hour of battling. There were three adults displaced due to the chimney blaze. There were firefighters from 15 companies in Franklin and Fulton, and Washington counties that assisted in fighting the fire. It was under control by the afternoon.

Bridget Hom