Furniture manufacturer Blu Dot Marketing Campaign Reported by CJ Bane of New York City Voice Over

This story bought to you by New York based voice over talent, CJ Bane.

Furniture manufacturer Blu Dot teamed up with Mono advertising agency, both Minneapolis-based, and came up with a completely new approach centered around the phenomenon of ‘curb-mining’. They designed a Real Good Experiment to find out what would happen if they placed a number of Real Good Chairs on the sidewalks of New York. Would the chairs find homes? Where would they go? Who would take them? After deploying twenty-five chairs, some with GPS locators attached to the base, the team took up strategic positions and created a branded documentary of the entire process.

On December 15th the results of a Real Good Experiment were aired at Blu Dot’s SoHo store with a Real Good Party to celebrate its first birthday. The film was then distributed on the web.

So was this an effective strategy? The Real Good Experiment was a resounding success in many ways. Most importantly all the chairs found Real Good Homes. Welcome side effects were that after much interest was generated on Twitter The New York Times reported on the phenomenon, it was blogged by the Wall Street Journal and featured on CNBC’s Power Lunch with Dennis Kneale.

Reportedly the entire experiment accumulated 32 million media impressions. Quite a Real Good Coup for Blu Dot and Mono.

The extremely entertaining film ( was conceived by Mono (, directed by Andrew Zuchero (, produced by Supermarché ( and narrated by New York voice over talent, CJ Bane ( For those who don’t have eight minutes to watch a film, there are two trailers available on Vimeo at and

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