Judicial Bribe Attempt: Ray Allen, Daniel Dolan, Judge Patrick Clifford And Attorney William Dow

Recordings Implicate an attempted $8.7M Real Estate Bribe that led to the Wrongful Conviction of Dr. Garlington

Middletown, CT – January 6, 2010 — The abuse of money, power, influence and manipulation of the media led to the wrongful conviction of Dr. Ernest Garlington.

Dr. Ernest C. Garlington was sentenced to 33 years for conspiracy to commit murder against Ray Allen’s step-father Derek Hopson. Hopson was not married to Allen’s mother at the time of the alleged attempts. However, once married Ray Allen’s money, fame and influence was used to bring this case to trial. The conviction was based on hearsay testimony from a five time convicted felon. Ray Allen’s name and money was used in an attempt to bribe Judge Patrick Clifford.

This connection led to bias and corrupt decisions throughout the trial that violated Dr. Garlington’s constitutional rights. We encourage visiting the website www.FightforAmericanJustice.com to review the details of the injustice and the corruption.

Caught On Tape: Private side bar discussion during jury selection on 10/23/2007 and 10/24/2007. The actual conversation was recorded in court and transcribed in response to a request from the defense attorneys. The court and the defense attorneys have a copy of the taped conversation and it should be public record. (Official Transcript p. 7)

* inserts of relevant information

1. Willie Dow (Garlington’s Defense Attorney), “The next one (juror) is the realtor, your buddy.”

2. McWaid (Prospective Juror), “I know you. Your wife (Sue Clifford) is Big Time.”

3. Judge Patrick Clifford, “Come on the market is dying out there. My wife is not making money.”

4. Russell Zetner (CT State Attorney), “She said your wife was Big.”

5. McWaid, “Yes, she’s Big.”

6. Judge Clifford, “It’s dead. My wife must be hiding income.”

7. Attorney Dow, “Hiding money?”

8. Judge Clifford, “We need money. We got a wedding to pay for (daughter). My wife better start shaking the money tree.”

9. Attorney Dow, “She still has that Big house.” (Daniel Dolan’s Mansion)

10. Judge Clifford, “She has the most expensive house. It’s $8.7Million. It’s so expensive on the shoreline.”

11. *Attorney Dow (Statement after trial), “Judge Clifford had a large photo of his friend’s mansion that he kept on the wall of the Judge’s Chambers” during Garlington’s trial and wrongful conviction.

12. Judge Clifford, “Ray Allen looked at the house.”

13. Attorney Dow, “Really, Really.”

14. Judge Clifford, “Ray is always looking on the shoreline. He wants a shoreline house.”

15. *Susan Clifford (Caldwell Banker Advertisement), “I’m the shoreline expert.”

16. Judge Clifford, “I’ll have my wife leave (and go to work with McWaid, Juror/realtor).”

17. Attorney Dow, “They can sell the Big house together. What’s his name?”

18. Judge Clifford, “Dolan, he’s a nice guy, he went to Notre Dame, he’s not from money, you know, he’s done well in the insurance (business). He pays $60,000 a year in taxes on that place.”

19. Judge Clifford, “My wife is coming today.”

20. Attorney Dow, “They can have lunch together.”

21. Judge Clifford, “They can have lunch and bond. They can sell the house together and share the commission.”

22. Attorney Dow, “Share the commission! You can retire from the commission.”

23. Court Sheriff, “Ray is gonna buy the judge’s wife’s house.”

24. Court Clerk, “It could be retirement.”

25. Attorney Dow (to prospective juror McWaid), “If you and your Real estate partner (Sue Clifford) were selling an $8.7 million dollar home (to Ray) would you leave deliberations during the verdict?”

McWaid. (prospective juror), “No I would stay and let my partner (Sue Clifford) close the deal.”

For more information: Contact: Michele Brown – Family Spokesperson, Phone: 201.833.2725, Email: [email protected], Website: www.FightforAmericanJustice.com

Reverend Melvin Boone, Minister and Advisor – 516 984-6358 Retired New York Detective