Legal news for Indiana personal injury attorneys. A young girl was left on the bus after she fell asleep on her way home.

Lafayette Police Department alerts Indiana personal injury attorneys- A Woodland Elementary School student was left on the bus in freezing temperatures.

Lafayette, IN—A substitute bus driver left a child, who fell asleep on the way home from school, was left on the bus in sub-freezing temperatures. Officials are recommending that the driver be terminated after the Tuesday afternoon, January 5, 21010 incident, as reported by WLFI.

A second grade student was on her way home from Woodland Elementary School when she fell asleep on the bus. The young girl later woke up alone and scared in the transportation parking lot. She then walked across old U.S. 231 to Walgreens, where a Good Samaritan allowed her to call for help around 5:00 p.m. The Tippecanoe School Corporation Director of Transportation stated, “When they got here to the base, they simply failed to check the bus to determine if there were any children left on the bus. That is in direct violation with TSC policy and it is also against Indiana code.” The young girl did not suffer any injuries a result, nor did she receive any medical attention. The Lafayette police department is conducting a full investigation into the matter. The substitute school bus driver could face charges and a $500 fine for neglecting to check for children, as required by state laws.

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