/ EIN Presswire / Vancouver , B.C. – January 8,2010 – Viridis Energy Inc parent company of CPM ( Cypress Pacific Marketing) acknowledged today that their wood Fuel Pellet brand OKANAGAN PELLETS ™ commonly referred to by consumers as ” Okies ” has grown exponentially in popularity and demand over the past 24 months . “The brand has achieved high praise and ranking by our customers and consumers”

“Okies” ( Okanagan Pellets™ ) has definitely become our # 1 Selling Pellet in North America ” comments Mr. W. Alex Robertson , Executive V.P. of Sales ” . “CPM believes our Brands of wood fuel pellets have been able to attain this high ranking in consumer confidence due to our unyielding commitment to high quality products, use of the purest raw materials (fiber) , timely deliveries, High Btu’s , low ash and an overall unparallel product performance.” Mr. Robertson further comments “Okies ” as well as our other pellet brands can directly attribute a great deal of their market success with the consumer because of the support and hard work of our independent dealer network across North America .”

What the consumer are saying about “OKIES” Okanagan Wood Pellets ;

“I had a chance to burn 1/2 ton this season. Very impressed. These pellets burn hot with very little ash. Compared to the other brands my dealer offers I liked these best. I ordered 5 tons for next season.”
……” Our pellet stove is the main source of heat in my house, and I don’t buy the cheapest fuel I can get because it’s as important to me to keep my house warm as it is for an independent trucker to keep his rig on the road. That is why I burn Okanagan pellets,” …..
…”Funny name, Great pellet….. Not all pellets are created equal….. Pellets so good, it’s not even a fair fight…. They are almost too pretty to burn….”

In 2009, Viridis Energy acquired Cypress Pacific Marketing, a Vancouver-based private company specializing in the distribution of premium softwood pellets. Cypress Pacific has been distributing premium, softwood pellets to the North American market for the past four years with four major brand names, they are the Okanagan Pellets™, Clean Burn™, Dragon Mountain™ and Surefire™.
For further information contact us Viridis Energy /Cypress Pacific Marketing at 877-739-9973