When the UK Needs Energy, Wind Farms Fail to Produce; Lack of Wind During Cold Snaps Could Create Energy Crisis

January, 11, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ The recent cold spell in the UK has residents turning up the heat, but the lack of wind and subsequent failure to produce wind energy put into doubt the future of wind farms as a reliable energy resource.

During the cold surge, wind farms in the UK produced a fraction of the energy they’re intended to produce due to the absence of wind. According to analysts, such conditions in the future means the UK could be in for a tough time when the country completes its goal of having wind energy account for 25% of the nation’s electricity 10 years from now.

In no-wind situations like this, the backup plan is to burn coal, but an EU directive will shut down several of the UK’s coal and oil power stations.

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