Four-Year-Old Texas Boy Has Hair Too Long for School; Separated from Classmates since November

January 13, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ An elementary school in suburban Dallas has segregated a boy from his classmates because his parents refuse to comply with the school’s grooming policy. The four-year-old prekindergartener’s hair is too long for the school, which means he can’t attend normal classes.

Instead, the boy has been separated from the pack and sits alone with a teacher’s aide in the school library, something he has done since November. In an attempt to compromise, the school board suggested that the boy could wear his hair in braids, as long as the hair hung no lower than his ears, but the boy’s parents refused that style.

Does a school really need to strive for strict conformity at the preschool level and risk a child getting left behind? Or maybe the parents are sacrificing their child’s education in order to stand up for an ideal.

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