Launch of New Website Inspires People to Make 101 Dreams Come True

Sacramento, CA January 13, 2010 — Writer, Marci Nault, announces the launch of her new website created to inspire people to go after their bucket-list.

This user-friendly website showcases Ms. Nault’s list of 101 dreams that she’s trying to achieve by June 12, 2012 with links to each dream she has completed to date. The site features photography, slideshows, travel stories, and inspirational articles on how she’s obtained her dreams including: living in Florence for one month; writing a fiction novel; signing with an agent; owning her home outright; and traveling around the world. The site includes discussion boards where visitors can share their list of 101 Dreams Come True and get ideas on how to make them reality. On her blog,, she shares her day-to-day journey of what it’s like to try to accomplish her dreams.

The idea for the website came in June of 2008 after Ms. Nault watched her brother lie in a coma after contracting MRSA (penicillin-resistant Staph). The event changed her, and she began to wonder what life would be like if she lived for the moment and pushed away fear. This led to her list of 101 Dreams. “I’m hoping by sharing my journey I can inspire others to go after their dreams. I want to show that being ‘selfish’ isn’t a bad thing, and encourage people to be more authentically themselves – to go after what they want instead of what society tells them they should desire. You never know what will happen in life. My brother was a perfectly healthy 36-year-old man. On a Saturday he was hiking. The following Thursday he was having open-heart surgery to remove infected tissue. I don’t ever want to say if only I had gone after my dreams when I had the chance,” says Ms. Nault.

Marci Nault is a fiction writer represented by Yfat Reiss Gendell of Foundry Literary Associates. She’s an avid figure skater, traveler, and salsa dancer. She lives in California where she is actively pursuing her 101 Dreams Come True.

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