Dallas, Texas (WiredPRNews.com ) – By having a law firm website designed, developed and hosted on the web, a law firm is creating a strong web presence. However, this step is not Internet marketing. Hosting a law firm website is similar to establishing a physical store or office, and sitting inside waiting for customers to flow in.

Attorneys and law firms must understand that they need to spread the word about their firm, talk to people, and communicate their services using the world wide web.

The focus of web searchers looking for lawyers has shifted, and instead of turning to the yellow pages, people prefer to surf the net in order to find a law firm. To search for personal injury law firm in New York City, Visitor 1 may type “New York City injury lawyer”, while Visitor 2 might search for “New York City personal injury attorney”.

What should law firm or solo attorney do be to found?

Law firms are recommended to hire a law firm marketing company that specializes in lawyer search engine optimization, law firm marketing, and law firm website design.

It is important to keep in mind that aw firms are required to have a website that follows the American Bar guidelines. An attorney marketing consultant will have relevant expertise will know how to handle this. Other important factors are:

a) Internet marketing starts with law firm website design. An attorney’s website must be structured with elements of search engine optimization, where the meta tags are properly written and executed. The website template is drawn with SEO in mind. Keyword research is thoroughly done and keywords are embedded in the content, while the images and graphics are optimized to make the lawyer website to be search engine friendly.

b) While the above will greatly help in organic search engine rankings, at this stage, the law firm Internet marketing company might suggest a Pay Per Click campaign. Organic search engine optimization will take a few months to get going until the web site attains search engine rankings. During this time, the sponsored listing or paid advertisements will help to project the law firm and traffic will start to flow to the website.

c) During this period, the law firm internet marketing company will also lead you through other internet marketing mediums such as announcing your law firm website presence through press releases and news. Syndication will help that news to reach as many readers as possible

d) While this will draw enough website traffic to start getting web visitors and leads, the internet marketing company will also start building a social network campaign through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. to draw the law firm close to social communities on the internet.

e) Legal blogging, article writing and submissions are also task that they will deploy. Through blogs and articles, it is possible to create an air of trust by writing about the law firm, and educate readers about state law. This will project the law firm as an authority on the subject and people will tend to trust the firm with their cases.

Law firms and solo attorneys who think that law firm Internet marketing is a thing they can do without are severely cutting themselves short. The question is: with 1,830,000 searches being conducted for law firms in the month of November 2009, can lawyers keep themselves away from the law firm internet marketing?

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