Authorities investigated the death of an Oak Cliff man after teens reportedly threw rocks at him.

Oak Cliff ( – Police reportedly investigated the circumstances of an Oak Cliff man’s death after reports that a group of teenagers threw rocks at him, busting a window, while he waited for his car to be detailed. As reported by the Dallas Morning News, the 63-year-old truck driver, and grandfather of twelve died while waiting at a car wash on Wednesday.

Chris Anderson, a car wash attendant is quoted in the report as stating of hearing the commotion, “I ran out here, and the guy was laying on the ground… I don’t know if he was already having a heart attack or what.”

Homicide Sgt. Ray Beaudreault is quoted by the Dallas Morning News as stating of a medical examiner’s findings on the death, “They said his heart was in such bad condition that any little amount of stress could have caused this to happen.”

Beaudreault is further quoted as stating of the investigation into a possible link between the students throwing rocks at the man and his death early on, “It’s unfortunate – they’re young people, and we don’t want to destroy a young person’s life or anything like that… But we do have a responsibility to the community to file the appropriate charges when we feel that their actions caused the death of somebody.” However, due to the medical examiner’s findings suggesting the man died of natural causes, police are not expected to pursue criminal charges against the teens. – The latest in Legal News