Legal news for New Jersey construction accident attorneys– A worker was injured when he fell from a scaffold.

Jersey City, NJ ( — Eyewitnesses reported seeing a construction worker fell 16 feet off a scaffold at 7:30 a.m. Monday morning, January 11, 2010, according to The Jersey Journal.

New Jersey police and emergency medical services (EMS) rushed to the scene at the construction work site located at Sixth and Washington Streets. Bystanders looked on as EMS workers loaded the coherent construction worker into the ambulance. He complained of back pain and a laceration on his head. He reportedly told police that he only had fallen 4 feet from the suspended scaffold.

Witnesses informed investigating police that the man had been walking along the scaffolding when the board broke beneath his feet and he plummeted to the ground. The site was located in Jersey City’s Newport community.

The 31-year-old Newark man was rushed to Jersey City Medical Center where he was cared for by doctors and nurses. His injuries were not specified, but he was said to be in stable condition. It was not reported if a supervisor was on the site at the time of the incident. It was not reported if an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) official was there to investigate the day of the fall. OSHA is a government agency that maintains safety and health regulations, according to Wikipedia.

Bridget Hom