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MINNEAPOLIS, JAN. 20, 2010 – – Internet Marketing Services reports that Press Release Submission is a great way to get free website traffic for websites. Until now, lists have consisted of non-working websites, websites which actually sell something but don’t offer submissions mixed in with a few quality websites. Internet Marketing Services has researched thoroughly the marketplace and has created a quality list for all people to use for free to help anyone who has news of any kind to announce to the public.

The goal of Internet Marketing Services is to enable everyone who has a website and is willing to work at it, make their website important and popular for free or with little costs in doing so.

This Press Release Submission Website List was created by Internet Marketing Services by viewing each and every website placed on this list which totals now over 380 each. Also, to help Webmasters choose which websites to submit their press releases to within their budgets, a list of costs charged by some websites is listed along with the Google and Alexa rankings to help in their selections along with the many, many free submission websites. In addition, Internet Marketing Services has successfully used press releases and offers the list of the websites they used to do so. Since that time, there have been many more websites discovered plus added on the internet and they are also part of this researched list.

Internet Marketing Services reports that upon completion of submissions, usually within 2 or 3 days, a surge of website traffic is experienced which is faster than other types of internet marketing services available to Webmasters. Also, they warn Webmasters to realize this must be news and not sales so they should spend some time reading other press releases that are readily available on the internet. There are many events or situations that are newsworthy that are lost which could benefit Webmasters if they knew what they need to do and what information they need to coorelate in order to submit a quality press release to news reporting entities.

Internet Marketing Services also recommend that a webmaster submit their press release to as many websites on this Press Release Submission Website List as possible within a 3 day period as each website they submit their press release to has various ways of handling the press release, i.e.; some only place it on their website, some submit to RSS new reads, some submit to a list of newspapers, some submit to high profile news entities such as google news, etc. so most of the effort is not duplicated when using the list. The webmaster must make sure the date, etc. are correct when submitting.

In addition to this Press Release Submission Website List, there is information on this website to help Webmasters capitalize on this marketplace that is not used very much but is helpful for increasing web traffic. The Press Release Submission Website List is located at this URL for convenience: http://www.internetmarketingservicessite.com/press-release-submission-list.html

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