/ EIN Presswire / ThriftyMart.com announces the release of their FREE MARKET EXCLUSIVE online radio auction software that allows stations to participate with member stations nationwide in the National Radio Auction.

Every retailer has merchandise they cannot sell. ThriftyMart.com member stations send their staff out to trade that merchandise for advertising on their stations. All of the items will be auctioned off on ThirftyMart.com and payments go directly to the stations checking account through PayPal(R).

Rick Murphy, ThriftyMart CEO, Said “We were looking for a solution to doing a radio auction without totally destroying our programming, so we developed ThriftyMart.com. We wanted it to be free to member stations because the more stations participating will have an exponentially positive effect on all involved”.

You may have seen radio auctions before or you may have done one before. ThriftyMart.com has perfected the entire process so stations don’t have to eat as much air time, don’t need to stress their staff and can draw more people, meaning more bids.

The provided extensive sales instructions are designed to get the best merchandise, based upon the experience of hundreds of auctions completed over two and a half decades.

ThriftyMart.com also provides the charts, timelines and forms to make sure member stations get everything done in time with the least amount of stress. In addition, ThriftyMart.com supplies the cell numbers of the people on our end who can answer any question from how to post an item to whether an item is a good potential item for the auction. Our people never sleep and help is always free!

ThriftyMart.com eliminates hours upon hours of paperwork and office time while allowing you to get your auction in front of a larger audience.

For more information or the free white paper on how to do an online radio auction, contact JayeJ Tilley at [email protected] or call 928 704 7272.