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New York, New York — Despite popular belief, attorney-marketing plans are not created to be one size fits all. The legal profession is one that is extremely diverse in terms of practice areas, attorney skill, goals, experience, and size, and other aspects of the field.

Marketing plans for solo attorneys ( well as law firms of all sizes must be created in accordance with their individualized needs in order to yield success. Boutique lawyer marketing agency One SEO Company has outlined four key considerations for understanding how to customize a marketing plan that is well suited for the unique needs of legal professionals.

Perfection Doesn’t Come Ready Made

The perfect marketing plan is never magically placed into the hands of legal professionals. It must be created. The following are things to consider when working to develop a sound plan.

* Time – Time is an important factor for the implementation of any plan; however for some attorneys or firms there is a greater urgency for results (for example in the case of new attorneys seeking to build a client base). Whether one is established or just starting out, it is important to choose a plan that will fit the time frame required for meeting specified goals.
* Budget – Budget is an important concern for firms of any size. Solo attorneys who are new to the field may not have the same type of marketing budget that a large, multi-attorney firm can afford. One’s budget is a determining factor in the development of a marketing plan.
* Audience – Knowing one’s audience is important for more targeted marketing efforts.
* Measuring Results – Having a means to measure the results of a legal marketing plan can aid in preventing legal professionals from wasting time and resources on things that may not be working.

Enlisting the help of a professional legal marketing firm can greatly enhance the success of any attorney-marketing plan.

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