Mesothelioma Alert: Asbestos removal part of major school district’s planned project

/EIN Presswire/ January 27, 2010

In New York State, the Queensbury Union Free School District is getting ready to embark on a massive undertaking. The district plans to spend $16.5 million on a project to improve local schools. The project will begin this spring, and will focus on improving the middle school and upgrading the district’s transportation building. Douglas Huntley, the superintendent of schools, said the project will take two years to complete.

“We will be taking full advantage of the next two summers,” Huntley explained, adding that “Most of our attention for this spring will be at the transportation site.”

Renovations at the middle school will be preceded by asbestos removal. Asbestos exposure can lead to mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer, later in life. Mesothelioma affects less than 3,000 Americans each year, and is always fatal. Sadly, despite the efforts of cancer researchers around the globe, the majority of patients lose their battle with this cancer in less than two years.

The cancer may affect the lungs, the lining of the heart (known as the pericardium), or other organs and tissues in the abdominal cavity. Asbestos exposure may also cause lung cancer, lung damage, and scarring of the lining of the lungs.

After asbestos removal is complete, the middle school will undergo renovations in the science classrooms and gym. Ventilation and heating systems will also be updated. At the elementary school, boilers, electrical systems, and ventilation are also getting an upgrade.