Report: Newsday Averages 11 Subscribers a Month for Paid Online Edition

January 27, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ When Newsday decided to put its news website behind a pay wall in October, did the company expect to have more than 35 people in three months subscribe to the service?

According to reports citing Newsday staffers, 35 is the number of people who have signed up for the paid online service. In a newsroom-wide meeting, Newsday publisher Terry Jimenez disclosed the website figure.

Jimenez is reported to have said that the site, which costs less than $1 per day to subscribe to, cost $4 million to redesign and relaunch. The website is made freely available to those with a Newsday print edition and Optimum Cable subscribers. However, even with those two subscriber bases, the website’s traffic has fallen from 2.2 million before the pay wall to 1.5 million in December, according to Nielsen Media Online.

Is the lack of online subscribers Newsday’s problem or the industry’s problem? Read more at Media Industry Today:

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