More contaminated milk products have been found in stores in the country.

Beijing ( – Melamine contamination concerns have reappeared in China. As reported by the Associated Press (AP), frozen milk and other products have recently been removed from shelves in convenience stores in the country due to the discovery of melamine.

As noted in the report, the announcement comes after widespread publication of other contamination reports including prior melamine contamination of milk products that led to the illnesses of hundreds of thousands of children. There has also been recent controversy over children’s jewelry shipped to the U.S. from China reportedly found to contain the toxic medal cadmium.

As further noted by the AP, some are now questioning the effectiveness of purported efforts by Chinese officials to better regulate product safety in the country. The tainted milk products were reportedly found in several stores. – The latest in Injury and World News

Photo Credit: Wikipedia User Janine Chedid