No Child Left Behind

Douglasville, GA – One single mother, Taydama Jackson, who is determined to teach children never to use their disabilities as an excuse for not being successful, has opened up an online literacy program. The program is coined after the name of her business, Backwards Compatible Entertainment (R) patent pending, and was conceived to help aid the No Child Left Behind Act.

Backwards Compatible Entertainment(R) patent pending is a pre-k through 12th grade program, with its very own curriculum Learn Naked ™. The curriculum focuses on teaching children statistical literacy through music. The program also focuses on helping children deal with anger issues that are related to them being held back in school. Participants are able to upload graded assignments to help them keep track of their work and also offered mentoring to help them become more successful students.

Anger is the driving force that causes many deaths on school grounds today, and with the depression of being held back for two years along with the day to day challenges children face, it is a must that students, parents and teachers have an outlet to help them solve problems that we see in our country today.

Learning to deal with her own anger issues of living with dyslexia, Taydama Jackson wrote her own book, which is used for her curriculum. All participants are encouraged to write their anger out in an effort to help stop the violence on our streets. Ms. Jackson also uses her life experiences from her days of driving 18 wheelers. She possesses a commercial driver’s license, music/engineering certificate, ordained minister certificate and she is also a disabled veteran. With all the experiences she has obtained through her work, children will definitely benefit from her program.

Visit the program online today at or call
877-2-NO-CHILD-LEFTBEHIND to ask about the mentoring program.