Staggering Mexico Child Obesity Fueled by Fast Food, Lack of Exercise

January 29, 2010 /EIN PRESSWIRE/ Seventy percent of Mexican adults are overweight, and Mexico’s children are the fastest-growing overweight group in the nation, according to the Houston Chronicle.

More than three times as many adults in Mexico are obese compared to 30 years ago, and a third of Mexican school children and teenagers are overweight, making Mexico the second-heaviest country in the world — right behind their neighbors to the north.

According to the Chronicle, Mexicans are eating more and exercising less, piling on the American-style fast food and foregoing traditional meals for fried and packaged foods, as well as sugary sodas and candy.

With the recent initiative by US first lady Michelle Obama to fight childhood obesity, a close eye will be on the fast food industry to determine its role, if any, in fighting this weighty epidemic.

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