/ EIN Presswire / iLAB’s Pinky Pedal™ provides remote control capabilities for wired and wireless electric guitars.

SELDEN, NY USA – February 1, 2010 – iLAB America Inc., today announced that they have patented a unique magnetic control system for electric guitars that adds remote control capability without modification to the guitar.

“This adds a new dimension for guitarists, where they are no longer tied to their cluster of effects pedals and switch boxes. They’re now free to move around and activate their effects on the move, with the touch of a pinky.” “Our first 4 products for the Pinky Pedal™ system , the GRC-1T transmitter, GRC-1R receiver, GRC-1L complete bypass looper, and GRC-1A head channel switch are an exciting first start, there are many more possibilities.” said Wayne Boyle, President and CEO, iLAB America.

The new system doesn’t use RF for remote control, instead, it uses iLAB’s patented low power, low frequency magnetic communications. This provides better immunity from interference , lower cost , lower power use, doesn’t require modification to the guitar’s electrical wiring, and can be used while the guitar is being played. Any number of guitarists using a Pinky Pedal™ can be in the same room without interfering with each other.

The small GRC-1T transmitter attaches to the pick guard near the pickups, allowing the guitarist to use their pinky to activate effects and/or amp channels. Since the control signal travels along with the guitar’s normal audio, the distance is only limited by the length of cable used for wired guitars, or RF transmitter reception distance for wireless guitars.

The GRC-1R receiver also allows the selection of one or all of it’s channels to be assigned to any pedal controls, allowing a single press of the button to activate a group of pedals simultaneously, or a single pedal if that’s what you choose.

The GRC-1L looper provides complete bypass control using high quality relays, and a built-in microcontroller monitors and activates the relays for a silent complete bypass looper.

Release date for the new system has not yet been decided, as ILAB continues discussions with major brands for licensing and co-branding.

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