Alcohol rehab center in Canada Answers on addiction recovery

West Palm Beach, FL-With all the talk of performance enhancing drugs, anabolic steroid use, and two key Major League Baseball (MLB) professionals, hitting coach Mark McGwire and left fielder Matt Holiday during the St. Louis Cardinals’ Winter Warm-Up last weekend, another professional athlete’s legal matters missed the radar. Third baseman David Freese’s recent arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) went unnoticed by most baseball fans, MLB players, coaches, and owners. As reported by St. Louis Today, on December 14, 2009, David Freese was arrested in Maryland Heights and charged with DUI. Apparently, this isn’t his first alcohol related arrest and the 26 year-old doesn’t admittedly have an alcohol or addiction problem. Chatsworth Pavilion an alcohol rehab center specializing in recovery from addictions, like excessive drinking, affirms many highly functional professionals suffer from an addiction problem and are unaware they need help. Professionals who are questioning if they need help and may be unaware they need assistance, can receive help easily.

Chatsworth addiction recovery treatment center located just north of the U.S. border in Montreal says many clients who find themselves participating in self-defeating behavioral patterns, like driving under the influence of alcohol are highly functional in many other aspects of their lives, but wonder why they can’t seem to stop certain types of behaviors. The following self-defeating behavioral patterns, and exaggerated self-medicating tendencies might be a strong indication you need help:

-Driving a car or any other type of motor vehicle after drinking alcohol
-Participating in any type of illegal drug activity regardless of the frequency
-When drinking, usually tend to drink more than two alcoholic beverages
-Continued use regardless of repeated consequences

The professionals at the Canada based alcohol rehab and drug addiction center state because many people downplay and outright deny consequences of their drug and alcohol use like, arrests and professional problems, they believe they don’t have a problem.

Chatsworth Pavilion is not a typical Canada alcohol treatment center or drug rehab center ( Individuals can seek relief at this unique and highly effective short term 22-day residential program, specifically designed to service small groups, no more than 12 clients per group, with an exceptional client to counselor ratio allowing it to provide the most individualized care within a group setting. If you are wondering if you need help, contact Chatsworth alcohol rehabilitation program in Canada for a private and confidential consultation. Toll Free: 1-866-866-5021