/ EIN Presswire / In what is shaping up to be a very active year for SAK Commodities, project director Larry Sowell closes another landmark deal with Iraq’s Ministry of Trade – State Company for Construction Materials. The latest of a series of contracts with the Ministry is for the importation of steel construction components.

The initial requests are for quantities of deformed steel of 10mm-20mm diameter, in excess of 25,000 metric tons per month for the next two years. Deformed steel, also known as rebar, is used in the construction industry for the reinforcement of concrete structures. The State Company for Construction Materials is quickly consuming its current supplies while maintaining pace with the current uptick in construction in Iraq. It looks forward to working with SAK Commodities in meeting this demand.

The contract signing was officiated by the leadership of the Ministry of Trade – State Company for Construction Materials: Abdulmuhsin Amber Al Rikaby, the General Manager and Chairman of the Board; Khalil Ibrahem Azzo Al Hadithy, the Deputy General Manager; Izzadine Darah Khan, General Marketing Manager; Hammeed Namah Finjan, Chief Legal Counsel; Nahed Abdulnoor, Deputy Marketing; Farhan Jabar Zyarra, Manager Legal Department; Lateef Mijbal Thamer, Manager of Provisional Distribution Agencies; Maky Igab Al Ganim, Manager Media Relations – together with representatives of Sanna Al Kassir General Trading Company (SAK Commodities).

“Additional supplies of deformed steel and other steel products are available upon individual request”, said Project Director – Larry Sowell. “It’s a very exciting time for SAK as it’s not often that a company has such an opportunity to make such an impact and help so many people at one time.”

SAK Commodities recently signed two contracts with Iraq’s Ministry of Trade – State Company for Construction Materials; the previous contracts were for cement products. All these contracts are somewhat unique in Iraq in that they establish trading relationships which can extend for several years. Trading agreements such as these allow the Ministries to deal with negotiation, which can be somewhat cumbersome, all at one time, and spend the balance of their time concentrating efforts on the larger task at hand; ie: supporting the reconstruction effort for Iraq. Expecting great changes in the coming year “SAK is leaning forward in a progressive approach to take advantage of its unique position in Iraq” stated Ammar Mahdi, SAK Office Operations Director.

Ahmed Radi Hadi, Community Outreach Program Manager and Contract Facilitator expressed his positive outlook, “SAK has a diverse product portfolio and as such seeks to make their name as common as any brand name currently available in Iraq”. Part of SAK’s corporate philosophy is to assist countries with emerging markets, to develop and implement programs to provide goods and services to their citizens at internationally accepted market prices and to avoid the excessive profit taking that can occur in post war reconstruction.

Sanna Al Kassir in conjunction with its partners operates offices in Australia, China, Dubai, Jordan, Lebanon, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and the United States and has maintained an active presence in Iraq since early 2005

Inquiries and request for product availability should be directed to the SAK corporate website www.sakcommodities.com

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